Unified resolves the basic conflict in joining with others

Whenever we join with others there’s a basic conflict between my self-interest and that of the group.

Until we address and resolve that conflict with everyone, people feel they’re losing something individually by giving to the group.

Unified is a process of embracing the collective without losing individually.


We have a medieval mindset about relationships

300 years ago when we got sick we rarely went to Doctors.  

We went to the witch for a potion, spell or to remove a curse.  Or we went to the Priest to absolve sin.  Because we didn’t understand sickness, we believed in magical solutions.

Today, we understand germ theory and we have brought science to sickness.

Yet, today in relationships we still believe we just have to ‘find the one’ or wait for our Prince or Princess.

Until we operate with a scientific understanding of relationships and conflict we will always struggle to join together.

Unified is all about giving a practical way of managing conflict and relationships so we can reduce friction and get teams into flow.


Making Teams better, People Happier And Getting The Important things Done

The foundations of Unified began in 1994.

At first I thought people needed fitness and health.

Then I thought it was finding happiness.

I realised most problems were about relationships.

I then narrowed it down to how they resolve conflict.

Then I realised that actually great relationships were about becoming a unified team.


By nature I'm a problem solver

Everyone has a way they cope with challenges.

Mine is to understand.  I opened a small gym in 1993.  I trained in fitness and then as a Nutritionist.

But few people stuck to their diet and exercise routines.

So I went on a deep dive to understand why.  Each stage took me deeper into the universal challenge of humans.  What followed was…

  • Practicing as a Therapist.  
  • Studying Psychology and specialising in Happiness, I coached people, built a popular website and wrote my first book on Happiness
  • Relationship coaching.
  • Training and practicing as a Mediator to resolve conflict.
  • Finally developing the Unified Process to bond together as teams.

This journey taught me...

Most people who teach about developing teams are people who have led teams.  

They look from the perspective of how we deal with groups as a whole.  My background is different.  I didn’t lead teams, I worked with people 1-1.

My work involved hearing intimately the fears, hopes and frustrations of individuals.

They moaned about their partner.  They complained about work and their colleagues.  So I got to see what was wrong from their experience.

Then when I focused on relationships, I wasn’t looking at what the relationship needed, but what each individual needed.

Ultimately, I learned that people need to join with others, but they need to have their life enhanced by joining together.