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inspire your team to Unite and become unstoppable

Be The Leader Your Colleagues Will Always Remember

Work Isn't Working

The world of work is broken.  

  • Poor communication leading to confusion and low productivity
  • Too many disengaged staff who don’t feel they belong and don’t contribute.
  • Not enough honesty or accountability that leads to politics, power struggles and personality clashes.
  • High stress levels leading to burnout, sickness and quitting.
Stop shepherding. Start Leading


The People Problem

Since the Industrial Revolution we’ve had unprecedented progress.


The world of work has largely changed from making things to knowing things.

While we’ve rapidly progressed science and technology, we’ve barely touched the surface of the psychology of people.

Managing knowledge workers doesn’t work.  We need to inspire people and unite them in teams.


The Dream

I want to see a world where people’s first reaction is to get along and work together.

Where couples unite and become a team raising happy families.

A world of work where petty differences, politics and power struggles are a relic of the past.

I dream that instead colleagues work together to create innovations that make our world better.



Manage stuff.

Inspire people.

Unite teams.

The world has changed from physical labour to knowledge work.

This has built us the infrastructure.  But just as love turns a house into a home, we need to bring the humanity into our workplaces.



Learn The Unite Method

We evolved in a world different than the world we live in today.

Conflict was literally a matter of life and death.  So fight or flight were the only options.  Today these shut down communication and breed resentments.

Unite is a new and healthier approach to conflict more suitable for the world we inhabit. 


Unite was built from 30 years of study and trial and error

Hey, I'm Rob 👋

In 1993 I opened a small gym, but I soon realised no-one stuck to their routine.  I embarked on a quest to understand why.

That led me to become a Therapist, Psychologist and Mediator.

For many years I specialised in happiness before realising the biggest challenge people faced were relationships.

After six years of working with groups, couples and individuals I realised the difference that changed everything was how we fought.

I developed the UNITE programme to teach people a healthier approach to conflict so they would unite as couples and teams.


Make Strong, Not Wrong

When we blame people for what they aren’t we diminish them.  

When we understand and play to their strengths we make them better than they were.


Lead With Integrity

Teams are built on relationships of trust.  

Without integrity we descend into lies, politics and hidden agendas.


Build On Truth

Truth is not what you say or what I say.  

There is a set of logical laws that the universe works on.  When we seek to understand and align with these we become masters of our fate.


Stronger Together

Humans are a social animal.  Our superpower is to collaborate.

Everything we need comes through people.  We just need better frameworks and technology for our modern world.


Your Future Will Be Determined By Your People

Bet On People

Human history shows the resilience, innovation and adaptability of people.

Through wars, plagues and every kind of disaster we have found a way.

And every problem you face can be fixed if you can galvanise your team as one unified force.


The Five Practices of Inspiring Leaders

we can do it together