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Inspire your team to become an unstoppable force

I teach Leaders how to inspire their people and unite teams to achieve higher performance levels.


Why Can't Bright, Capable Adults Just Work Together?

One of the biggest frustrations for every ambitious leader is finding their time and resources are wasted because their people just don’t work well together.

The dream of the team is that the whole will be worth more then the sum of it’s parts, but it often isn’t.

Wherever there’s people there will be differences.  And we’ve never been taught how to deal with them, so resentments and bitterness get stored up. Communication suffers and we end up with a culture of politics, power struggles and personality conflicts.

We need a new frame to work from and a shared language to show people how to work together well.



Learn The UNITE Process

There are four responses to conflict.  Fight, flight, mediate or Unite.  Learn why UNITE helps teams perform better.

Take A UNITE Workshop

There are five steps to UNITE your team. Each has a workshop.

UNITE Your Team With Me Step By Step

Sometimes you want results quicker and support through all the nuances that crop up.

I Used To Feel In Awe Of Inspiring People

The big fear most people have is that they lack the qualities to be inspiring.

There are some people that are effortlessly charismatic.  There was always someone smooth, eloquent and articulate who I would feel inferior next to. Over time I realised that it isn’t what we say or how we say it, but how we make people feel.

After three decades of working intensely with people, I realised it wasn’t about me, but whether I could help someone else achieve what they wanted.

I’m a nerdy, boring, middle aged man, but thousands of people have been inspired because I taught them a better way to think about life, relationships and conflict.

If I can inspire and unite so can anyone with the Unite plan.


It's Time For The Psychological Revolution

The Industrial Revolution changed the world.

We went from smallholdings to cities.  People became drones to keep the production line moving. Management was supervising.

In the 21st century, most workplaces have moved from mining and making things to producing ideas, insights and services.

When what you sell is a physical product, you optimise for logistical efficiency.  When  you sell an abstract service, you have to optimise for creativity, communication and collaboration.  Unless you can go 100% technology and use AI, you have to change how you manage.

We’ve given a great amount of attention and resources to Science and Technology over the last the few centuries.

This has built us the world that we have.  Now we need to upgrade our ‘softer’ skills or they become the constraint that limits us.  In an increasingly competitive world, burnout, disengagement, conflict and poor communication are becoming the barriers to success.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, getting more out of each employee is going to become the key to success.


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