Turn Individuals Into a Unified Team

Team debating

What's The ROI of a Unified Team?

What would a breakthrough idea for a new service or product be worth?

Everyone has ideas and solutions, but most of them never get voiced or heard.  Because for an idea to emerge there needs to be a lot of factors present.  Any one of these missing and the seed of the idea lies on concrete, never to take root.

If you run a factory that makes things, you probably don’t need a unified team.

Because the business is logistical.  It relies on moving concrete things through a process.  We all understand that.

But if your business is knowledge work it is creative.

It relies on getting more from people.  More creativity.  Deeper insights and analysis.

Communication needs to be refined because we are dealing with more abstract subjects.

Expertise is key.  People need to feel comfortable to speak up and disagree.  The decisions we make rely on communication and connection.

We need all resources and communication to flow to where it is needed, when it’s needed.

We need trust so that we can be nimble and agile and adapt quickly to opportunities. 

Staff costs are relatively fixed.

But your return depends on how people perform within your team culture.

How much higher would your return on staff investment be if you had a unified team?


A Unified Team Is The most powerful advantage

When a group think, act and respond as one, there’s very little that can resist them.

There’s a natural tension whenever we join with others.  We have to choose between our own individual goals and those of the group.  This tension causes division.

Yet, when we can align goals and unite as one, we give everyone what they need…

  • Belonging
  • Value
  • and Meaning


When they see their individual goals being met by the collective, the group becomes powered by individual enthusiasm that other teams don’t have.

It’s the ultimate competitive advantage. 


Every Team Faces The Same Enemy... Division

I believe every team has unlimited upside when we build more trusting relationships, talk more openly and align our goals.


Hi, I’m Rob, and I can unify your team

I know how frustrating it is when everyone isn’t working together effectively..

Over the last 30 years, as a Therapist, Relationship Coach and Mediator, I’ve seen how people bond together… and what happens when they don’t.

Unified is the process that can make it happen for you too.


Unified makes Teams leader ready

Most teams rely on the Leader.  That’s where they rise or fall.

What if everyone on the team levelled up to have better relationships and was ready to lead?  So everyone takes responsibility to operate at a higher level.

Everyone is ready to lead and also they’re united and ready to act as one.

Here’s how we do it?


Get everyone on the same page

You’ll have Standard Operating Processes for Relationships and Conflict.

So everyone knows the process and where they each are.


Get Your Team Talking

The biggest problem in most teams is communication gets blocked.  

I teach teams how to keep it flowing.


Get Relationship KPI’s To Manage

Track relationships so you can deal with any issues early before they escalate.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.


Build Your Leader Ready Team

Step 1: Book Your Free Consultation

We’ll jump on Zoom and run through an audit of your team so we get crystal clear on where the opportunities are.

Step 2: Team Unification Process Runs

We install the new processes and behaviours into your team. We leave them with process maps, checklists and one pagers so they know exactly what to do.

Step 3: Watch Collaboration Improve

We’ll leave you with a relationship monitoring system so you’ll be able to measure the ongoing relationships

What Clients Say

Cat Storing

I am very thankful for your approach because it helped me where I was stuck, it helped me broaden my expectations, to relax some of my requirements and reminded me to have fun with the process. And for that, I am VERY grateful!

David W

Rob is very genuine and trustworthy. He offers valuable observations of truth. He offers insights in a pragmatically structured program. Encouraging people to understand and adapt to their reality. I recommend Rob highly.


Really balanced and approachable and useful group.
Everyone can speak openly, or listen in a really supportive environment. Have really learned and developed a great deal of understanding via this group.

Why Unified?

Here's What You Get

Update The Human Operating System

Addressing the flawed myths that impact relationships, conflict and self-awareness.


Optimise Relationships Workshop

Get clear maps to evaluate and improve a relationship.  Shared tools and language to improve and optimise relationships.


Disagree Without Drama Workshop

Addressing the flawed myths that impact relationships, conflict and self-awareness.


Understanding The Construction Of self

Division is the enemy.  We divide when we see ourself as an individual.  Let’s understand how that works.


Unite With Purpose

We gather for a purpose.  Make that purpose explicit and determine the premise of the team.


Getting Into Top Gear As A Team

A highly performing team changes its dynamics from a team in an earlier state.  We have to adapt to this new state and prevent future problems.


Will Unified Work for your team?

Unified won’t always work.  

It will work with most groups, but some people aren’t looking for answers as much as their way.

Unified relies on three core principles…

  • Truth Seeking
  • Integrity
  • Acceptance

Here’s what it looks like in a unified and divided team…


The Unified Team

Everyone on the team is genuinely looking for the truth to get things right.


The team are honest and genuinely trying to bring value to each other and to their Clients.  They aren’t threatened by being transparent.


They accept each other as they are and so it’s safe for people to open up.  

They accept the reality of their situation and are open to continual learning.


The divided team

Everyone on the team is looking to impose their ideas on each other and on their Clients.


The team are not genuinely trying to bring value to each other and to their Clients.  

Because of this, they are threatened by being transparent.


They judge according to their own agendas, rather than accept each other as they are, and so it is unsafe for them to be open and honest.  

They are not open to learning how things are, but more interested in making them fit their unstated goals.