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The Unified Team

One Team.  One Goal.

Has Your Team Taken The
Communication Safety Assessment?

Communication is the lifeblood of business

Think back to the last problem you had…

I can guess with 85% probability, that the problem was a break down in communication.  

Communication has always been important.  It’s how we work together.  But for Knowledge Workers, it’s even more vital.

In the old days, factories depended on keeping the line running.

We dealt in logistics, making, mining and moving things.  No-one was confused what the object was.  Communication was so much simpler.

Today, the workplace depends on creativity, insight and perspective.

Knowledge Workers need the right environment to be at their most creative and effective.  Today, we deal in abstract things.  And so we need enhanced communication.

But no-one has ever taught us how to have healthy relationships.


The 70% Relationship Problem

Across all relationships, there’s a striking failure rate…

  • 70-90% of Mergers and Acquisitions fail.
  • 70% of business projects and initiative fail.
  • 70% of business partnerships fail.
  • 60% of first time managers fail in the first 2 years
  • 90% of romantic relationships end in the first year
  • 50+% of marriages fail.
Business projections or acquisitions mostly fail because of communication.
Business partners disintegrate because of deteriorating relationships and loss of trust.  First time managers fail because they lack the skills and confidence to move from a technical job to leading.  Romantic relationships fail with communication and an inability to bridge their differences.  
Marriages actually statistically perform the best.
Though, I’d argue that their figure is inflated because social, moral and financial pressures lead couples to stick it out.  

Most people see a handful of relationships... I saw thousands

Hi, I’m Rob.
Since 1994 I’ve been on a quest as a Therapist, Coach and Mediator.
On average people have 5 or 6 romantic relationships.  I have seen hundreds of examples close up. Because of this I noticed certain universal patterns.  
People thought they were broken, or their ex was an arsehole. 
Yet, actually the frames we’ve been given for relationships set us up to fail.  Now I want to help people optimise their relationships.

A great relationships is a team.
A team is made of great relationships

No-one ever deliberately teaches us about relationships.

By proxy our most common teaching is from Fairy Tales and Disney Movies.  We learn a lot of basic assumptions when we’re too young to think critically.  Then people just assume we should be good at relationships.

A great relationship, whether it’s personal or professional, comes through three key challenges.

  1. The challenge to understand yourself and what you want.
  2. The challenge to be able to disagree without drama.
  3. And the challenge to unite with purpose.

What Other's Say

Work With Me

I share everything I’ve learn and figured out for free here.  But if you need a personal or corporate relationship fixed quick, I’ll facilitate it.


Reframe relationships

The way we think about relationships determines how the relationship unfolds.

I’ll share what I’ve learned after seeing so many relationships.



Fix Your romantic relationship

Want to save or change your intimate relationship?

We’ll work together for 12 weeks to transform your relationship.  I’ll be walking you through my three step programme to change the way you interact.


Fix A Work relationship

Got a work relationship that’s stopping things getting done?

We’ll work together for 12 weeks to transform your relationship.  I’ll be walking you through my three step programme to change the way you interact.


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