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Relationships are broken

Relationships are broken and it has real costs personal and organisational.  Look at the evidence…
  • More than half of marriages fail.
  • 70% of business partnerships crash, largely because of broken trust and relationships.
  • Conflict costs organisations £28.5 billion and 2-3 hours a week of wasted time.
  • 1.5 million employees either leave or take extended time off because of conflict
  • Disengaged managers cost the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually
The problem isn’t individuals, but we’ve been given a frame for relating that’s broken.

The Death Cycle For Relationships

Relationships work until they hit a challenge.

The challenge comes when your decisions affect my future.  Suddenly, differences matter a whole lot more.  Those differences create conflict.

Conflict makes us competitive and breaks communication.

Once we lose communication we lose connection and trust.  Then the relationship brings out the worst in us.  Until one of us ends it.

Or we break the cycle.

Unite: Find the common purpose that bonds you as a unified team

We have many relationships through our life.

Most are transactional or transitory.  Some thought hold the keys to our success or failure.  These are the ones where we have to work together as a team.

Whether it’s key work relationships or marriage, there’s three keys to building sustainable relationships.

We have to break the flawed frames we have about relationships.  We have to update them with frames that work.

We have to be able to disagree without drama.  Until we can go beyond our differences we will always be vulnerable to the relationship death cycle.

We have to unite with purpose.  We join together to be stronger and to achieve more.  Personally and professionally.

We can only truly be a team when we let go of our individual identity to embrace a greater shared identity.  That comes when we find a purpose we both share.  Then we are fully engaged.

Because it’s not for the other, it’s not for the relationship… it’s for me.


Most people see a handful of relationships... I saw thousands

Hi, I’m Rob.
In 1994 I was £60,000 in debt, homeless and sick from stress.  That changed the direction of my life.  Since then I’ve been looking for how we can all live happier lives as a Therapist, Coach and Mediator
On average people have 5 or 6 romantic relationships.  I saw hundreds of examples close up. Because of this I noticed they followed the same pattern.  
People thought they were broken, or their ex was an arsehole. 
Yet, actually the frames we’ve been given for relationships set us up to fail.  Now I’m on a mission to share the insights that entirely changed the way I saw relationships.

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I share everything I’ve learn and figured out for free here.  But if you need a personal or corporate relationship fixed quick, I’ll facilitate it.


Reframe relationships

The way we think about relationships determines how the relationship unfolds.

I’ll share what I’ve learned after seeing so many relationships.



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We’ll work together for 12 weeks to transform your relationship.  I’ll be walking you through my three step programme to change the way you interact.


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We’ll work together for 12 weeks to transform your relationship.  I’ll be walking you through my three step programme to change the way you interact.


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