Hi, I’m Rob.  I'm obsessed with this question…

How do we come together to collectively act as one, without conflict and self-interest getting in the way?

In three decades as a Psychologist and Mediator I have seen the pain that poor personal and professional relationships bring to us.

Conflict costs our organisations £28.5 billion and 300 million working days, in the UK alone, every year.  More than half of our most committed relationships, marriage, end in divorce.  Yet, we typically blame individuals.

This is quite clearly a systemic problem.

The solution has three steps...

  • Change the frame - Normalise conflict and make it less scary.
  • Encourage dialogue - Give a shared language so people can talk openly and honestly.
  • Give a pathway - Create tools and processes to overcome the predictable barriers.

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The Art Of The Collective Becoming One
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