Humans Are Not Resources

Humans Are Not Resources

Companies believe their employees are a resource.

In the early 19th century Human Resources was a movement to improve businesses by improving people. By the 1950's it was a means to an end in a competitive recruiting market. Now according to a study by Workivo 98% of HR professionals have felt burned out in the last six months.

The problem is they have missed a vital step.

Humans have resources that companies can access.

Labour, knowledge, emotional intelligence and so on, are resources humans have.

The mistake companies make is they think that they are buying the resource. They are buying access to the resource. When the individual is aligned with the goals of the company, they put those resources towards the company's goals.

But, when they are misaligned they do not give full access to their resources.

Manage Projects. Inspire People. Unite Teams.

The key is to recognise that resources are managed.

People need to be inspired. They need to be given a goal that aligns with what they belief and value. They need to feel a part of something they willingly devote their resources to.

The friction, stress and burnout businesses create is by trying to logistically manage a psychological dynamic... people.

Manage resources. Resources are the things you can handle and direct.

Align goals. A leader's job is not to manage people, but to align them with the company's goals.

Unite teams. Nothing can stop a committed group of people dedicated to a unified goal.

Managers who think they own people's resources find nothing, but friction.

Align people to your goals and let their resources carry you to your joint goal.